Hybrid Car FAQs

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02 Jun

Hybrid cars have emerged as the preferred choice for most consumers looking to switch from gas cars to renewable fuel sources. However, how does a hybrid car work? The answer is complex, but here’s a quick run-down.

When you buy a hybrid car, the car is fitted with one or more electronic systems

that convert gases in the fuel into electric energy that can be stored or used later. This means the car only uses what it needs to produce power – just like a standard internal combustion engine.

The difference between an internal combustion engine and a hybrid car is that the former puts out more power when the engine is in use. So, because of this there is more power available to provide acceleration for the car.

In order to be able to use all of the power that comes out of the engine, the electric car also has two batteries to store energy. These are large enough to provide the power needed to accelerate the car, as well as a small amount to store it for later use. In some models, the storage system is integrated into the battery.

How does a hybrid car work? The car converts gas to electricity, when you’re not using the engine. Once you switch off the engine, the car automatically turns itself off and reverts to a normal battery powered system.

The clever part of these hybrid cars is that you don’t really need the engine at all – the engine simply stores up energy for later use. The result is that the battery is completely sufficient to power the car.

Although the electric motors to drive the wheels, the conventional internal combustion engine provides the power needed to move the car.

The electric motor is driven by an onboard battery that gets power when the engine is switched off and recharges when it is switched on again.

A hybrid car can also be driven electrically on city streets or when coasting, even if the battery pack is fully full. The result is that you will get more miles per gallon, simply because the car will take the longest to use up its electricity.

With regard to prices, an electric car will be more expensive than a gas-powered hybrid. Therefore, a regular hybrid car with two batteries may be a better option.

To use gas as a general rule, try to go for gas-powered cars that have larger engines. That way you will get a higher overall mileage, since the power is distributed across the vehicle more evenly.

How does a hybrid car work?

  • The real key is to plan your journey carefully, so that you choose a car with the best power output and optimum storage capacity.
  • Hybrid cars are also much better on fuel economy and emissions than a regular internal combustion engine car.
  • So, in a nutshell, you get more miles per gallon, and for less money.